The Low Carbon Business Action Brazil (LCBAB) Phase II project in Brazil has opened the registry of Services Providers, now your company can registry to apply to be a homologated services provider of Technical Assistance services for the selected business projects between European and Brazilian companies that have participated in business to business meetings matchmaking during the first phase of the LCBAB project. Your company will be able to contribute trough high-qualified services to the partners of the projects in the specific fields of knowledge and target sectors of the Low Carbon Business Action.

If you are a European or Brazilian business partner and your project has been selected to receive technical assistance, you can find a specialized service provided in the list of the homologated companies.

TARGET SECTORS of the business projects are:

Energy Efficiency in buildings
Energy Efficiency in Industries
Waste Management
Renewable Energies
Biogas, Biomethane and Biomass
Low Carbon Agriculture


Market, Economic and Financial Feasibility Studies
Technical Feasibility Studies
Potential Impact Assessment
Legal Advice
Financial advice and facilitation with financial bodies

Both European and Brazilian services companies and experts, can register or access the Services providers list.

Registry of Services’ Providers

What is the criteria to be an Homologated Service Provider?
  • The company/expert must be legally registered in Brazil or the EU
  • The company/ expert portfolio is aligned with the Low Carbon Target sectors
  • Proven experience in implementing Technical Assistance services in the fields mentioned above
How Can I be an Homologated Service Provider?
  1. Click on the “Register as a service provider” below
  2. Follow the instructions of the platform.
  3. Provide the requested information. The application should not take more than 10 minutes. If you have to stop at some point, your data will be automatically saved so you can return and finish at any time
  4. Once your registration is submitted you will receive a confirmation email
  5. Homologated registered companies will be contacted by email within 1 month after the completion and successful registration
  6. Not homologated companies will be contacted by email within 1 month after the registration, to re-apply with additional information

If you have any questions you can always be in contact with us sending an email to

Now you can